Team Highlights:

  • Experienced AI project leader with CPA/MBA/Certified Data Scientist who has applied AI and other advanced data analytics solutions in finance, asset management, management consulting, accounting, forensic litigation support, manufacturing and real-estate industries.
  • Experienced IT strategy expert and Executive Consultant
  • NLP, machine-learning, AI, and advanced analytics expert who implemented multi-lingual NLP solution for Amazon
  • Avid open source contributor – currently working on developing data analytics platform in Clojure/ClojureScript. TrueBit protocol core team developer.

Successful AI projects are developed by teams with high competency and high degree of collaborative creativity.  The best project teams have AI and business subject experts — and in many cases, the individual team members are highly skilled in both areas.  In addition, small, very professional teams tend to be more effective.

Our team consists of people who are well versed in both in AI and business worlds. We have specialists in Financial Services, Asset Management, Oil and Gas, Marketing and Media, Accounting and Tax, as well as Real Estate industries.