Nils Senvalds, MBA, CPA

CEO and Founder

Nils Senvalds, MBA, CPA

Nils is a data scientist and engineer with extensive experience in finance, accounting and tax. He led data science efforts for PwC’s tax technology division and was a co-founder of PwC’s Data Analytics Academy. He also was spearheading many advanced data analytics efforts at EY and AlixPartners. At AltX/iMatchative, a Silicon Valley data analytics company that matched hedge funds with investors, Nils was a Chief Data Officer.

Currently, Nils is a managing partner at The firm is helping Fortune 500 companies to gain better business insights, automate existing processes and discover new opportunities leveraging Artificial Intelligence. will help with AI strategy, modeling, and implementation.

Mattias Roos

Business Intelligence

Mattias Roos

Mattias is a visualization/BI expert that spent more than 20 years helping multinational companies turn their data into valuable information. Making sure he understands the business before trying to build a model of it has always been a cornerstone, an approach which have set him aside during his entire career. With a thorough understanding of the business other roles comes naturally, and most recently he’s been with PriceWaterhouseCooper as BI Thought Leader.
Mattias technical skill set spans from various visualization tools, ETL,  programming, SQL, data modeling, ETL, database technologies through a large number of ERP systems (from the backend). He’s got low tolerance for poorly designed processes and will find, redesign and streamline work flows he encounters.
Mattias career started in Sweden where he successfully founded, built up, expanded and sold two companies.
Maris Jurevics, MBA

Executive Consultant

Maris Jurevics, MBA

Maris is a strategy and organizational change consultant with experience across a variety of industries and business functions.  He learned his trade at IBM where he was in the Strategy & Change consulting group within Global Services.  In this role, he worked on a number of projects with IBM’s Sales & Distribution team, including an overall reorganization of the sales force.  Maris left IBM to work as an Executive Coach, working with individuals that were taking on new challenges and supporting them in making this pivot.  Meanwhile, Maris continued his management consulting work as an independent consultant.   A significant project was the development and implementation of a Talent Management system for the United Nations.  Maris developed the approach to design the Human Resource business processes and played a number of roles on the project leadership team over three years.  Immediately after leaving the UN, Maris took on Program Manager and Product Manager roles at Deutsche Bank within their Enterprise Infrastructure Platforms team. Maris led a project to better understand and allocate internal technology costs.  He was also responsible for several hundred business critical servers globally.

Currently, Maris is an Executive Consultant at, focused on helping clients address significant business issues through’s Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing capabilities.

Reed Coke

Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

Reed Coke

Reed Coke joined out of a sincere interest in applying machine learning, especially natural language processing, to real problems in specialized domains. Between his undergraduate studies in linguistics at Swarthmore College and his graduate work in computer science at the University of Michigan, he has developed a deep interest in taking a complex problem, delving into the heart of what makes it unique, and customizing techniques to best fit the situation. Reed strongly believes that artificial intelligence is not yet a one-size-fits-all solution and is passionate about finding the best solution possible rather than applying his favorite “hammer”. He has experience applying machine learning to many specialized domains including tax, finance, and medicine. He also has a background implementing natural language processing solutions in languages other than English.

In the past, Reed has worked at or alongside large companies as a natural language processing and machine learning expert including, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and IBM. He has also been involved with a number of startups, such as OJO Labs and itself, on their data science teams. When he is not designing machine learning systems, he teaches at several private and public schools in Austin, Texas in his capacity as Principle Learning Architect for Hello World Tech Studio. At Hello World, Reed designs and teaches classes in python fundamentals and Unity/C#, as well as more advanced classes about artificial intelligence and web scraping to students in grades 3-10.

Reed brings his ample teaching experience to bear in his work at, making sure to work with clients to help them fully understand the scope of their custom solutions. His goal is to empower clients with machine learning systems and he believes that simply handing over a black box falls short of this mission. Often, correctly applying a system can be just as difficult as creating it and it is paramount to Reed that this is not a challenge for clients of

Harley Swick

AI Solutions and Blockchain Developer

Harley Swick

Harley is a programing language polyglot. However, the language that is closest to his heart is Clojure. He has made open source contributions for Clojure:

Jutsu – Graphing tool for Clojure built with the web and interactivity in mind – Clojure wrapper for deeplearning4j

Additionally, Harley is actively involved in developing blockchain and crypto currency development.

Team Highlights:

  • Experienced AI project leader with CPA/MBA/Certified Data Scientist who has applied AI and other advanced data analytics solutions in finance, asset management, management consulting, accounting, forensic litigation support, manufacturing and real-estate industries.
  • Experienced IT strategy expert and Executive Consultant
  • NLP, machine-learning, AI, and advanced analytics expert who implemented multi-lingual NLP solution for Amazon
  • Avid open source contributor – currently working on developing data analytics platform in Clojure/ClojureScript. TrueBit protocol core team developer.

Successful AI projects are developed by teams with high competency and high degree of collaborative creativity.  The best project teams have AI and business subject experts — and in many cases, the individual team members are highly skilled in both areas.  In addition, small, very professional teams tend to be more effective.

Our team consists of people who are well versed in both in AI and business worlds. We have specialists in Financial Services, Asset Management, Oil and Gas, Marketing and Media, Accounting and Tax, as well as Real Estate industries.